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Vekover advantages and properties

Vekover- insulated house is:

Economical – ecowool installation is one of the most rentable types of building heat insulation. It provides an opportunity to save materials during construction as residue of material do not form during installation. When installing ecowool, all gaps and emptiness are filled securing heat steadiness and allowing economy of energy for heating of the house. Ecowool- insulated building do not require additional ventilation. Owing to antiseptic properties, ecowool protects wooden structures of a building from rotting, thus prolonging useful life of such building.

Health-friendly – antiallergic that is really important for persons having allergic reactions. Due to ecological features of ecowool, its installation is safe and harmless to human health not only for owners of a house, but also installers who work with the material.

Fireproof and fire extinguishing – Ecowool prevents ingress of fire into a building thanks to antipyretic substance in its composition – borax which not only disables ecowool to catch fire, but ecowool also discharges crystalline water with temperature increasing, thus extinguishing the fire. Ecowool complies with fire safety, category B1 according to DIN 4102.

Good acoustic insulation – ecowool- insulated buildings possess great properties of acoustic insulation.


Rodents/ pests do not settle in ecowool- insulated houses.




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