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History of ecowool

In the 20’s of the last century many experiments were made on cellulose as a material and opportunities to use it as heat and acoustic insulating material in Canada and a little later in Germany and USA. Unique properties of wood-fiber (cellulose) demonstrated great perspectives of the material to be used for heat insulation.  

The first devices used for depositing ecowool were applied in the 20’s to 30’s of the previous century – these were manual mechanic wool deposition machines. Properties and technological parameters of the material amazed many experts of that time – builders due to what the material became more and more popular in Europe, with geographic area of material application expanding.

Following Canada, Germany and USA, amid the previous century ecowool as a heat insulating material became popular and was successfully used in many European countries. In parallel, researches of the material and its properties continued. In the course of time heat insulating technologies and production and installation equipment were improved, and in 50’s the first ecowool depositing machines appeared driven by power or diesel engines.  

Ecowool is environmentally friendly, ecologically pure material whose unique properties –ensuring air circulation, efficient heat insulation, easy and quick installation – promoted its popularity among heat insulating materials for both private houses and large-scale construction sites.
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