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Ecowool Vekover

Vekover is high-quality, breathing heat insulation material used for insulating dwelling and industrial buildings, and namely, for heat insulation of walls, ceilings and floors. The material is made of wastepaper and is called ecowool due to its ecologically friendly properties.

Vekover ecowool is spread easily and quickly in all types of slopes and house structures by blowing or spraying the material. Ecowool fills all gaps precisely and efficiently, not leaving any splits even of one millimeter like rock wool or glass wool. Ecowool is also installer-friendly and protects their hands from irritation.

Vekover ecowool is ecologically pure and natural wood-fiber made of recycled paper. Natural wood-fiber ensures breathing of material and humidity regulation. During process of ecowool production when processing paper, natural resources are saved and environment is not polluted as residue and waste do not generate.

Vekover ecowool is an efficient heat insulating material (λ= 0.039-0.041 W/mK). Great heat insulating properties of ecowool are secured by raw material of the product – natural wood-fiber creating product to be light, of fine-grained structure and high air capacity. Ecowool is easily and quickly installable on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces by filling all gaps and securing high thermal steadiness. 

In Vekover ecowool- insulated buildings use of construction polyethylene is not required for draining condensate because ecowool possesses property of natural humidity regulation.



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