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Production process

Raw material for Vekover ecowool production is recyclable wastepaper that is processed, pulped several times, separated from admixtures during production, thus becoming ecologically pure heat insulating material.

1. Coarse chopper with raw material feed
Newspapers are let through a chopper where paper is refined and finer particles like paper-clips are removed by electromagnet.

2. Material piling before fine granulation

3. Fine granulation of material
After granulation, paper is pulped into cellulose fiber.

4. Saline adding (boric acid and borax)
Special processing in a grinder makes cellulose fiber similar to cotton wool. Salts are added for fire safety and protection of wooden structures from rotting and pests. Thermal fiber is made of 90% of newspapers and 1-% of eco-friendly non-vaporizing salts on average.

5. Packing of finished goods 

6. Dust separation

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