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Vekover factory

Vekover factory produces ecologically pure and eco-friendly product – house heat insulating material ecowool - from recycled wastepaper in Valmiera.

Plant in Valmiera is the most advanced plant of such type in Eastern Europe and the largest in Baltic States. It is planned that the factory will produce 2,000 tons of ecowool per year with initial production capacity, processing 1,600 tons of wastepaper. There is the most modern technological equipment produced by Finnish company “Makron” installed at the plant. More than 1,000,000 EUR were invested in the plant project in total, attracting also funding from European Union (EU) Structural Funds. Total area of the plant is 1,400 m2.

Used newspapers and wastepaper are used in production process. To provide production amounts, wastepaper is delivered not only from Latvia, but also from other countries. At first, Vekover ecowool will be available in Latvia; however plant equipment allows increasing production amount 2 to 3 times. Thus the factory plans to export ecowool produced in Latvia also to Baltic States and Europe depending on market demand.

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